So, what is an Ancestor-Tree?

ANCESTOR-TREE is an inexpensive A1 sized piece of paper that allows you to create a poster showing the history of your family, effortlessly creating an easy way to share your story with your descendants.

We all have a wonderful story to share – of survival against the odds, of success and failure, and of being an important part of the society that we grew up in. Sometimes those stories can be lost – and just as the disappearance of a single species of animal is a tragedy, the failure to preserve our family’s many stories is arguably equally so. Unless we are careful, once gone, they are gone forever.

An Ancestor-Tree provides a canvas for you to fill up with pictures, dates, relationships, and stories, and then put it in a frame. The perfect Christmas present for the grandchildren, and the perfect way to pass the mantle on to the next generation.

Queen Victoria’s Ancestor-Tree could start out like this…

Perhaps for Queen Victoria, there might not be enough room, but it is a start. The amount of information you add is up to you; the number of pictures and the amount of text will certainly differ for each individual. Perhaps you will need two — one for the father’s family and one for the mother’s!

The blank document (displaying a single child) would looks like this:

Completed, it can easily be framed. This link shows you want an A1 sized poster, framed, on your wall will look like.

Buy your copy today; either the AT1C — displaying one or the AT2C, showing two children; contact me if you want a chart with more. Go to the product page to complete your order.